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Several motivating factors led me to launch the  SWEATCUTE BRAND one, I embarked on a personal fitness journey to shed excess weight and two, I had a constant desire to wear CUTE workout outfits.  I discovered when in appealing apparel I transcended my fitness goals and powered through my workouts.   SWEAT was my POWER and CUTE was my CONFIDENCE.  As I transcended my hustle fitness goals the idea of creating The SWEATCUTE Brand became to resonate and take form. 

dscf5112 - copy (2).jpg


A brand which empowers woman to meet their fitness goals regardless of fitness level, shape or size.  SWEAT is our POWER, CUTE is our CONFIDENCE!



To transcend SWEAT is your POWER and CUTE is you CONFIDENCE  to woman AROUND the world. There is beauty in our imperfections, so let's RunIT .

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